Undo. Do. Redo.

Do you struggle to deliver customer-fit solutions?

We help you focus on the relevant initiatives - at the right moment - by demistifying complexity and forging solutions, for a positive outcome.

Unstuck yourself!

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Human and Data Research

Outcome-Driven Workshops



Design as a Service

Feeling stuck among a plethora of biased opinions and unprioritised initiatives?


the right problems that need to be solved, at the right moment, for the right people.


internal bridges and un-silo the organisation, maximising your capabilities.


desirable, feasible, and viable solutions, relying on customers and stakeholders.


waste, in terms of money and time, boosting efficiency and profitability - on long term.


expectations of both your audience and stakeholders, in time, keeping everyone happy.


the process - or even replicate it - anytime, end-to-end and top-to-bottom.

Calibrate your goals, resources, and actions

Think about the state of your business for a second - can you afford delivering solutions nobody needs to problems nobody cares about?

From the beginning of mankind, our survival relied on our ability to identify, analyse, conclude, act, and even predict.

Today's false-need of speed has altered our values, making us lose sight of what’s truly important – the Human Factor.

It's time to put people at the centre of your strategic initiatives and adopt an outcome-driven approach.

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We can do it, together

What differentiates Greatness from Epicness?


First we make sure everybody is on the same page, needs are being acknowledged, and right expectations are set.

We support our clients by gathering necessary data for understanding the needs of the customers - people using a product or service AND also those of the stakeholders - people developing the product or service.

Strategic Design

It's in this phase where we come together - your audience and stakeholders, you and us - to define the future.

We work inclusively, building cross-functional teams - relying on transparency, collaboration, and data. We frame, ideate, and define proto-models to transform complexity into simplicty, with efficiency.

Design Operations

Finally, we craft valid solutions with agility, training your peers in becoming your own agents of positive-change.

Making an idea tangible, from an early stage, helps you save resources and minimise risks - we achieve this through prototyping, using real-world data from your targeted audience.

With pathmaven, everyone can move fast and deliver adequate solutions - improving productivity, saving time & money, and generating more value.

Change is here!

Do you often feel like you’re mumbling in the dark, due to biased opinions and uneducated decisions?

Pathmaven brings light where there's darkness - you can finally stop losing time and money, and start making progress by focusing on the right things. Walk on our path, which is:





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Become an unsurpassed champion, today

We know you want a balanced and joyful life - we all do. Unfortunately, without being properly equipped, your desires can feel part of a distant future.

The Problem

You’re often finding yourself juggling biased opinions and uneducated decisions - unable to make progress and feeling:

  • Trapped,
  • Unproductive,
  • Unappreciated.

Balance and joy feel like remnants of a distant past, while your personal life is deeply affected by work.

The Solution

Here's how we'll help out:

  • Undo: understand the Status Quo of the ecosystem;
  • Do: work on the Right Problems that need solving;
  • Redo: easily turn Critical Moments into Opportunities;

Imagine yourself solving problems, with ease - undo bads, do goods, and redo for success.

The Outcome

The pursuit of Work-Life synergy is strenuous - which is why:

  • we're changing the dynamics of the Work Environment
  • we’re focusing on Digital Transformation and the Human Factor.

With our support you'll be able to minimise stress and focus more on the things that matter to you.

So, schedule a FREE consultation session and discover how you can unstuck yourself.

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